Cartagena Live

The Cartagena coast has three major diving areas. One one side, to the east, the areas of " Cabo de Palos" with 13 diving zones established within a protected zone and one of the zones with the greatest incidence of shiprecks. At the western extreme, "Cabo Tiñoso - Azohía" with 26 established diving zones and with several spectacular depths at the foot of the walls of Cabo Tiñoso, in which numerous submerged caves can be found, and then in the centre of these zones, "Cartagena" with 13 established dive sites, replete with a diverse range of marine life.

But without doubt, one of the over-riding factors which make this area such a centre for diving is the security of being able to safely dive regardless of climatic conditions.

If there are Levante winds which affect the eastern end of Cabo de Palos , it is still possible to dive in Cartagena or Cabo Tiñoso, or on the contrarry, if there are Lebeche winds which affect the coast of Cabo Tiñoso- Azohía, it is still possible to dive in Cabo de Palos.

The clarity and transparency of the se Mediterranean waters, as well as the warm overall climate are also added attractions for divers in these waters.

Cartagena is also the base for the Naval diving school and centre, the C.B.A.