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Holy Week in Cartagena (declared to be of international tourist interest)

In the Semana Santa celebrations Cartagena has a unique tourist attraction, which the residents enjoy to the full. This is the longest week of the year, the fiestas lasting for ten days, from the Friday before Palm Sunday until Easter Day itself.

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Carthaginians and Romans (declared to be of national tourist interest)

These historic fiestas take place at the end of September, when the city commemorates the foundation of Qart Hadast and the struggles between the Carthaginians and the Romans to control Cartagena. For ten days, the city re-lives these historical events and goes back more than 3.000 years to find its roots, filled with armour and tunics.

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The Carnival fiestas have been firmly established in the calendar of Cartagena since the second half of the nineteenth century, although they were suspended after the Civil War ended. After the restoration of democracy, the festival was re-instated in 1981.

Cultural Festivals

This part of the Region of Murcias’ coast is the venue for some of Spain’s most important music festivals, including the “Mar de Músicas” and the Jazz Festival.

Other essential dates in the city’s cultural program include the International Cinema Festival, Mucho Más Mayo and Mudanzas.


Cante de las Minas

The municipality of La Unión organizes one of the most important flamenco events in Spain, the “Festival del Cante de las Minas”. This is an event full of tradition, and is one of the most prestigious venues , it being almost obligatory for the most important flamenco singers to have performed here.

The Festival has been held every year since 1961, establishing itself as one of the most prestigious in the flamenco calendar and becoming one of the most important such events in the world.

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Patron Saint’s Fiestas of La Unión

These fiestas are held to celebrate the name day of the town’s patron saint (7th October) and the National Spanish Holiday on 12th October.

The celebrations include a fancy dress parade and a procession of floats featuring decorations made from coloured paper in the traditional local fashion.

The festive atmosphere is added to by the numerous festival associations and groups, spread out along the route of the main parades.

There are normally various musical groups of all kinds, as well as plenty of attractions for children.


Patron Saint’s Day Fiestas in Fuente Álamo

The Patron Saint’s Day Fiestas in the municipality are held at the end of August to coincide with the name day of San Augustín. The fiestas last for almost ten days, when the entire town of Fuente Álamo gets involved in the celebrations, taking part in the diverse traditional and festive activities which are laid on.

Among the most popular events in the fiestas programme are the opening day party, the gala to crown the children’s and more mature fiesta queens, the midday fair, the fancy dress parade, the procession in honour of the patron saint and the concerts which are held every year, featuring a variety of well-known artists from right across the musical spectrum.


Patrons Saint’s Day fiestas in Mazarrón

The local Patron Saint’s Day Fiestas last for two weeks, focusing around the Day of the Virgen de la Purísima and are enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

The Fiestas Program includes all kinds of activity, mainly held in the Recinto Ferial, where the locals enjoy social, cultural and sporting events, as well as concerts and the elections to choose the children’s and third age fiestas queens.

One of the most popular traditional events is the parade, featuring floats, which starts in the Avenida Constitución and finishes next to the “La Aceña” sports complex.

Romería de Bolnuevo

The Bolnuevo Romería is held to celebrate the festival of the Virgen de la Purísima on the 17th of November. On the weekend previous to this date the fishermen of the village take the image of the Patron Saint from the little church in Bolnuevo to the Santuario de la Purísima, so that on the following Sunday she can be carried back to the church in a procession which is always followed by a large crowd.

A large number of people take part in the Romería, and the beach of Bolnuevo becomes an impromptu campsite where friends and families meet up to enjoy barbecued sardines. This is a real celebration of the identity of the municipality of Mazarrón, and everyone’s main aim is simply to have a good time.

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